December Challenge: Discomfort


Definitionsmake (someone) feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed; cause (someone) 

slight pain; a state of mental unease; worry or embarrassment; lack of physical comfort                                                                  

Synonyms: pain, irritation, embarrassment, unease, awkwardness, discomposure, confusion, nervousness, distress, anxiety, inconvenience, difficulty, bother, nuisance, disadvantage, trial, tribulation, hardship                

Since the dawn of our species, we humans have constantly been searching for and inventing ways to make our lives more secure, predictable and comfortable.  We’ve gone from caves to condos; from animal skins to cashmere.  We can control the temperature of our air.  We can have piping hot food delivered into our hands in a matter of minutes. 

We can travel across the country in a few hours.   For the majority of our lives we are undoubtedly comfy.   But I have to wonder, have we lost something in our move away from discomfort?  Have we trained our minds to view discomfort as a threat that must be avoided at all costs?  Many of life’s most valuable experiences inherently come with discomfort.   Beginning an intimate relationship brings the possibility of a breakup.  Applying to that dream job bring thoughts of failure.  Starting a family brings the physical discomforts of childbirth, sleepless nights, and upset children.  Even still, people across the globe move towards these and other uncomfortable experiences every day.  Is it possible that we are much more capable of having discomfort than we give ourselves credit for?  Is there value in practicing being uncomfortable if this can allow us to achieve meaning and purpose in our lives?  Is there something (or someone) important in your life that you have been avoiding due to the possible discomfort that may follow?  Can you make room for that discomfort in order to move your life in a valued direction?

Rule: I Must Be Comfortable

Experiences that are scary, painful, upsetting, uncomfortable, awkward or difficult are bad and I should do what I can to avoid or get rid of them.


Challenge:  I Can Feel Discomfort

As a human being, I am capable of being scared, in pain, upset, uncomfortable, awkward, and challenged.  I am willing to face these discomforts when they may bring me closer to what is important to me.  


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