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Definitions: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something; confident expectation of something; hope; to believe.


Synonyms:confidence, expectation, faith, hope, assurance, conviction, credence, dependence, sureness, certitude, entrustment, reliance.  


Trust is a funny thing… especially when it comes to trusting other people.  When solid trust is in place in a relationship it helps cultivate feelings of safety, security and being accepted.  When that trust is broken – enter doubt, suspicion, insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, etc.  If you find yourself in a relationship of broken trust, the first question is this: Are you willing to make room for these painful feelings while doing the hard work of rebuilding that trust?  If so, then the next step is to notice the difference between blind trust and mindfultrust.  Blind trust means diving in without researching if the waters are safe! Mindful trust means assessing a person’s words and actions and only diving in if the person earns your trust. As you continue to make room for the painful emotions that can come with rebuilding trust you can take small actions towards testing out someone’s trustworthiness:  Do they mean what they say?  Do they follow through on promises?  Do they consider the consequences of their actions?  If you can directly observe (as opposed to taking their word for it!) someone acting in a sincere, reliable and responsible way over time they can earn your trust points.  


Challenge:  I Can Trust Wisely

If I am willing to make room for feelings of uncertainty, I can begin to take risks that may allow me to mindfully assign trustworthiness.    



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