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Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Services

When OCD or anxiety becomes so great that it interferes with attending school, work, or other important obligations, it may be time to consider more intensive options than individual or group therapy.

Intensive, focused treatment

​Consideration for our intensive services begins with 1-2 assessment and treatment planning sessions in order to collaboratively form strong goals and helpful plans. This process also allows for introductions to our team and orientation to our therapy approach. The goals and structure are expected to vary according to individual needs. 

​ What you can expect:

  • Customized treatment plans, collaboratively informed by our expertise and your unique experience.

  • Plans and goals established with exposure-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles

  • Individual therapy with a team of 2-4 therapists, continuously meeting with one or more team members at a time.

  • Family involvement as indicated, including required parent participation for clients under 18.

  • Estimated treatment duration of 3 to 8 weeks, with estimates to be updated regularly in treatment review meetings.

  • Guided practice plans to support change between sessions.

  • Compassionate and collaborative guidance at each step.

Concentrated Intensive

Some children and adults who are significantly impacted by OCD or other anxiety do not have the flexibility to support a 3- to 8-week course of intensive therapy. Fortunately, there is evidence for a brief, accelerated approach to intensive treatment. Some individuals achieve progress after a 1-2 week course of concentrated CBT that matches or even exceeds the treatment gains expected over extended lengths of time.

  Concentrated Intensive at COAP involves:

  • An enrollment process that includes comprehensive intake assessment and treatment plan formation with your assigned lead cognitive behavioral specialist. Our team jumpstarts the accelerated process by dedicating  extensive effort to understand and plan for treatment needs prior to beginning the concentrated program.

  • Detailed self-directed therapy homework plans designed to for you to practice new skills independently between each treatment session.

  • A significant commitment to therapeutic recovery over other activities during the concentrated treatment week(s).

Our specialized Intensive Outpatient Program may be optimal for children, adolescents, and adults with:
  • Moderate to severe OCD or other anxiety disorders that are significantly interfering with daily life;

  • Insufficient progress with 1-2 weekly therapy sessions in the past;

  • Interest in enhancing treatment gains over a shorter period of time; 

  • Time or geographic location limitations;

  • Transitional support goals after residential or inpatient treatment.

Additional service options  at our practice include:

​Individual Therapy

     Meet once or twice per week with one          of our specialist providers.

Parent Training

     Gain evidence-based support and                individualized coaching for parenting            anxious or otherwise challenging                  children.

​Executive Functioning Training 

     Individual or group-based coaching to          improve attention, focus, and important        academic skills.

Exposure Support

     Support for between-session therapy            homework is available to help maximize        treatment gains.


     Our expert providers are trained to                assess for anxiety, OCD, and commonly      co-occurring problems.

Professional Consultation

     Individual or group-based consultation        to enhance therapeutic progress with            your clients.

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