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Selective Mutism Camp

Our Selective Mutism Camp offers children intensive support over a 3-day period to boost their skills and success potential before school starts. This camp replicates a school setting to practice brave speaking opportunities, or speech exposures, to prepare for school and social interactions.

Led by Selective Mutism specialists, Thien-An Le. Ph.D., and Sara Louise Tedford, Ph.D., kids between the ages of 4 and 8 are guided through fun learning opportunities to accomplish their speaking goals in a condensed amount of time. 

​ Camp Package Includes:

  • Individualized plans and goals established with exposure-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles

  • Parent orientation session (group) 

  • Nine hours of group therapy (3 days, 3 hours each)

  • Speech exposures in one-to-one interactions and small group interactions

  • Speech exposures during classroom simulations, including circle time, exposure-based games, snack time, and field trips

  • Parent coaching for speech generalization 

  • Community outings for speech generalization and parent coaching

  • Individualized camp summaries and recommendations to support growth extending beyond camp days

SM Camp is designed for:

  • Children between ages 4 and 8 with Selective Mutism who experience difficulties with speaking in school and around same-aged peers.

  • Children who continue to experience difficulties speaking to teachers and/or peers despite being in the same class for more than 1 month.

  • Families with time or geographical limitations.

  • Families with limited access to a group of peers for speaking practice

  • Families with interest in enhancing treatment gains over a shorter period of time.

Camp Steps

  1. Contact us to schedule an intake evaluation, where your psychologist will work with you and your child to identify specific goals based on your child's needs. 

  2. Lead-in sessions may be recommended so that your child is ready to speak to at least one camp facilitator in order to maximize benefit from camp participation. Lead-in sessions are individual therapy sessions with a camp facilitator where parents will learn speech-promoting strategies, and the psychologist will initiate fade-in sessions prior to joining camp. 

  3. Sign up for camp! Our next camp session is August 8-10, 2024, and we recommend completing any lead-in needs at least one week prior to the start date.

  4. After the camp, psychologists will provide individualized camp summaries and recommendations. Additional therapeutic support may be arranged if desired.

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