Our team of specialists offers a range of services to support you in overcoming the impact of living with fear.



Meaningful change starts with a strong conceptualization of the problems, strengths, skills, and systems. Our work includes effectively understanding and planning to treat the identified problems. We will assist you in devising a plan for getting on track, whether that involves consulting with other providers or initiating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) together. Ongoing assessment is included in the evolving process of therapy in order to monitor progress and tailor services.  

How this may look...

Working to understand your concerns begins at the initial phone consultation and essentially never stops.  Our clinicians use interviewing techniques, selected questionnaires, behavioral observations, and examination of previous testing reports to diagnose problems and support treatment.

Additional service options  at our practice include:


Specialized treatment is our main focus. Our therapists offer a range of services to meet your needs manageably. All team members offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and incorporate evidence-based methods into our work. Treatment plans are sensitively designed to flexibly, efficiently, and effectively cross the barriers that OCD and/or anxiety have imposed.

Therapy service options:

​Individual Therapy

Meet once or twice per week with one of our specialist providers.

Parent-Based services

Parent coaching, parent-directed treatment for childhood anxiety/OCD (SPACE) and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) are among our services that support children through parent work.

Executive Functioning Training

Individual or periodic group-based coaching to improve attention, focus, and important academic skills.

Exposure Support

Ask about additional support for between-session therapy homework is available to help maximize treatment gains.


Intensive services offer focused and customized specialty support for a primary OCD or anxiety diagnosis. The goals and structure for intensive support may vary.

We are currently recommending select intensive outpatient programs (IOP), partial hospitalization programs (PHP), or residential care for clinical needs warranting more than 1-2 hours of daily support. Inquire about fit and/or referrals at

Professional Development

Individual Consultation & Supervision

Seminars & Workshops

Continuing Education Presentations

Advanced Practicum

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Insurance Disclaimer

We are not in-network with insurance providers. You may wish to consult with your insurance company to inquire about reimbursement for services. Please contact us if you would like our handout about seeking information from insurance companies about reimbursement. We will provide you with monthly receipts. With your consent and appropriate information, our providers will be able to contact your insurance company if your out-of-network reimbursement would require prior authorization. However, reimbursement is considered a matter between you and your insurance carrier.