Family Involvement

Our therapists often include caregivers in order to support children in the context of their surrounding systems. The roles of parents, siblings, and other caregivers are integral, and most treatment plans include a certain amount of family involvement. We may recommend initial, periodic, or exclusive parent-only visits for younger children and/or youth with complex histories. The waiting room and offices are stocked with books to inspire learning and involvement even when parents aren't directly included in session. 


Family involvement is required for adolescents participating in our intensive services.


Specific parenting support options include:


Dr. Sarah Koenig is a certified provider of PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, an evidence-based treatment for young children with behavioral and emotional challenges. Dr. Koenig runs our PCIT training clinic, supervising and/or co-treating PCIT for all COAP clients.

Dr. Ginny Fullerton is trained in SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), a parent-focused treatment for children with anxiety or OCD with efficacy demonstrated in research trials. Parent coaching may also be included in combination with individual child or adolescent therapy.

Time-limited intensive training to overcome specific obstacles, orient family members to treatment, and/or boost behavior management skills.