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Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has a large body of empirical support for treating OCD and anxiety. Our team is trained and experienced in the practice of providing accessible, effective care through telehealth. Contact us at to learn more about our secure options for virtual support. 


Services offered virtually:

  • Individual therapy

  • Parent-focused therapy

  • I-PCIT

  • Intensive therapeutic support 

What is needed?

  • Private and safe location, free from distractions

  • Stable internet connection with acceptable upload and download speed for Simple Practice videoconferencing (10 Mbps upload, 10 Mbps download, <300 ms latency)

  • Electronic device with adequate video and sound capabilities. Computers and tablets are preferable to phones. 

Ready for your session?  


         Log on at  - or - 

         Check your appointment reminder for your unique session link




Out-of-State Services

Under PSYPACT, Dr. Fullerton and Dr. Collier are authorized to treat clients across the majority of the United States.

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